Commercial Automatic Security Gates

Installing an automatic security gate in Chicago has never been easier! For more than 40 years, our trusted specialists have manufactured and installed custom designed automatic security gates and operators along with access systems that are easy to use. Our in-house experts design gates that can be integrated with other security systems we provide or your own. Furthermore, our wide array of options are suitable for every industry.

Simple and Efficient Security

Our automatic gate system allows for easy installation and operation. Not only are they easy to operate but can be equipped with a variety or features such as motion sensors, access cards, and linked with access control systems.

Types of Automatic Gates:

Automatic gates can be customized to meet your needs. At Osceola Fence we offer the following:

Automatic Gate Types We Install

Gate Openers

Swing Gates

Slide Gates

Vertical Gate Openers

Vertical Pivot Gates

Dual Gate Openers

Tracked Sliding Gates

Access Control

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Variety of Styles for Every Budget

We offer a wide selection of automated gates for different security needs, properties, maintenance requirements, and budgets. Our gates can also be customized to match your existing fence color, style and look.

High Return on Investment

The price of an automated security gate can vary by the type of gate, size of the installation, and other factors. However, the addition of a security gate can also increase the value of your property.

Recent Automatic Security Gate Projects

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Which Electric Gate Opener should I choose?

Choosing the right automatic security gate in Chicago is daunting process for some businesses. Things like individual security needs, maintenance, price and daily traffic will be things you need to consider. If you want to secure your business with new fencing, security gate or an electric gate opener browse our various styles and schedule your free estimate today.

Commercial Automatic Security Gate Repair

When in need of fence companies nearby to help with automatic gate repair, look no further than Osceola fence. Our automated security gate repair services includes cover a wide variety of gate operators, entry systems, and access controls. For your safety, we ensure that your gate opens and closes properly.
Our knowledgeable repair professionals will inspect the problem, offer a cost effective solution, and help you understand the repair or replacement process.
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