Installing an Automatic Gate Opener Yourself


Every manufacturer will tell you that an automatic gate opener installation should be completed by a qualified installer. The truth is that installing an automatic gate opener is not rocket science; you can do it yourself.

An automatic gate opener is a device capable of opening and closing the door. The on-board circuit instructs your gate operator to open or close (reverse operation) as needed when it receives a signal from a transceiver. Only proper installation assures there will be no chance of hazards and you will be able to enjoy some acclimatization on your property.

What are the available devices?

Automatic gate openers are controlled by the access controls system, and the actual operator (actuator) will depend of the type of gate. Gates can slide (open from side to side), swing (instead of sliding; they rotates or pivot ) or can raise (slide up/down or better, they can roll and unroll themselves to open/close) There are also different type of access controls; including wireless remote, clickers, keypads, exit sensors and intercoms. Different access controls act on separate principles but results in the same operation… opening or closing a gate.

Bottom line; nowadays we are talking about an electronic device that sends a signal to a motor to execute.

How to install the opener

Everything on installing an automatic gate opener depends of the kind of gate we are talking about; of course things will be way easier if you have the door already installed. For swing gates, we commonly find 2 types of operators. One is an electro-pneumatic piston that push/pull the door slowly but firmly; and the more eye pleasant – hidden underground operator that installs in the pivot post. No matter what kind of operator/gate combination you’ll have you always have to do the following steps:

Drill holes for putting up the gate opener control box.

Mount the control board cautiously so that the full functionality of the gate is not affected.

Connect the wires from the power source to the control box.

Connect the control arm / swinger to the control box.


Source by Jimmy D Lee

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